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Good Morning Everybody, As many of you know, Bridal Association of America has partnered with nSphere Inc (formerly DirectoryM), which now gives your business listing exposure across several local wedding related websites, including the local pages of nSphere is now allowing any of the Bridal Association of America members to request the premier spot across their local network for no charge. Below is an example of a page where you could be the top listing:

The placement will be given on a first come, first serve basis so if you’d like to learn more, please contact Katie Schoerning at 617.933.7536, email her at or just visit the Bridal Association site here

Thanks, Kyle

The Bridal Association needs rich data for partner sites in the wedding industry to enhance and power a network of local topic pages with vendors. We will be providing attribution of the data provided. Our local technology platform, assets, content relationships and hosting partnerships enable our network of sites to be highly relevant in local online search. The proposed partnership will expose members to a new source of local traffic searching for wedding vendors within 3400+ local markets across our network of sites, as well new vendor registrations and reviews.

Our Partner has developed a technology to aggregate and deliver the best data and content for local search. By providing end-users with educational content from industry leading publishers (JD Power, Bonnier, Conde Nast, NBC, Hachette, Filipacchi, Internet Brands, JupiterMedia, to name a few) and combining it with our technology and data, we have built a network that ranks highly within major search engines.

Opportunity for Bridal Association of America members

– Increase your online traffic by driving highly motivated end-users searching for local wedding vendors to your profile pages
– Associate your brand as a relevant data provider across our growing partner network with your logo and links back to your site

A few of our 400+ partners are:

  • Single Edition
  • Moms Network
  • Cheap-Chic-weddings
  • Kiplinger
  • Success Magazine

There is no cost to members of the Bridal Association for this service Below the form is an example of a page that your professionals would appear on: