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Imagine a great theatrical production: possibly one you have attended in the past. Recall how you felt: inspiration,
excitement and anticipation abound. How does the director accomplish the goal of evoking these emotions? Aside
from securing talented actors, you can rest assured that careful attention has been given to the properly placed sets,
which are brought to life with dramatic lighting. Now imagine watching the same production without theatrical lighting,
making it visible only through house lights. Would the stage play then be completely ruined? Maybe not, but the difference would definitely be astounding.

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Your wedding is the most important production of your life. What emotions do you want to experience and evoke in your guests? Wedding lighting design sets the mood and tone for your wedding. Your banquet facility, tent, hall or church is like a blank canvas. Wedding lighting design is used in conjunction with the wedding decor to create the desired environment.

Various types of lighting are used at weddings to accomplish specific goals. First and foremost, your guests should have no difficulty being able to see adequately. This comes into play particularly with outdoor wedding events. Covering an area evenly with lighting is typically done through Color Washing. This creates a blanket of ambient lighting with colors that compliment your wedding reception’s decor. Focal point enhancement through pin-spotting draws attention to the most important decorative objects. This can be done by casting an individual focused spotlight to these focal points. These objects can include your centerpieces, wedding cake, or an ice sculpture to name a few.

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Much can be done to compliment or enhance the architectural elements of your wedding venue through lighting. Up-lighting is a great way to soften walls, highlight pillars or archways, and create some residual lighting throughout. Adding texture through light is a type of “eye candy” that can make a dramatic statement. This is done by displaying different patterns. Other images can also be projected including custom monograms or theme-oriented motifs.

Wedding Lighting soften walls, highlight pillars or archwaysTransformation of an environment as the evening progresses is often necessary in creating the appropriate atmosphere. As the overall feel of your wedding reception changes from cocktail hour and dinner to dancing, so should the lighting. Color changing LED lighting and automated moving lighting give the lighting designer complete control in adapting the lighting to your specific needs.

Custom lighting should be considered part of your wedding decor / design budget. As you prioritize your budget and consider your lighting needs, consult with a wedding lighting designer to discuss your options. A reputable lighting designer will schedule an on- site consultation and develop a site map illustrating the details of his/her design. Often, he or she will have pictures of previous wedding lighting productions implemented at your specific venue. In any case, ask to see a portfolio of lighting design work, which can help in determining the overall look of your wedding ceremony and/or wedding reception.

Wedding LightingCustom lighting is one of the greatest determining factors in creating an event that is truly distinctive and original; capturing and enhancing the beauty and emotion of your special day.

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