Pismo Beach Park Reservations

City Of Pismo Beach Recreation Division

760 Mattie Road, Pismo Beach, CA 93449

Tel:  805-773-7039

Fax: 805-773-4684

Park Reservation Application

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Private Event: If you are holding a private event, a function that is planned exclusively for a small group and is not open to the general public, please follow the directions below to reserve a City park:

  1. Read the terms and policies included with this application.
  2. Contact Vicki Davenport @ 773-7039 or vdavenport@pismobeach.org to check availability. Once you have read and agree with the policies, fill out the application below and turn it in to Vicki  (City of Pismo Beach, 760 Mattie Road, Pismo Beach CA 93449) with the appropriate deposit and payment.
  3. Once approved, a copy of the application will be given or mailed to the applicant.

Public Event: If you are holding a public event, a function that is open to the general public, please follow the directions below to reserve a City park:

  1. Contact Emily Colborn, City Clerk, @ 773-7003 or ecolborn@pismobeach.org to check availability and the current fee amount for processing of the Special Events Application.
  2. Once you have received confirmation of availability your event will be tentatively placed on the calendar.
  3. Fill out a Special Events Application (available in the administration office) and the processing fee.  The Special Events Committee (SEC) will review this application and provide a recommendation to the City Manager for final approval. In some cases, the applicant is asked to attend a meeting to discuss the event and City services requested
  4. If in the rare incident that an event is not approved, all park reservations fees will be returned. If the event coordinator cancels a function after reservations are made the policies included in this packet apply.

Please note: You may reserve an area in a park for a specific time and date.  In no case may the entire park be reserved or used by one private group. Members of the public are always welcome in all city parks. Public events can reserve an entire park or facility however; no persons are ever denied access to the park during these times. All park users, whether by reservation or not, must follow park policies (page 4) at all times.

No reservation will be placed on the calendar until you have submitted an application and paid the deposit and all required fees. In case of rain, your deposit and insurance fees will be refunded, but your reservation fee will not, as this fee pays for the work involved in reserving the area.

Step 1: Tell us who you are:

_________________________________                                   _______________________________


_________________________________                                   _______________________________

Address Address

_________________________________                                   _______________________________

City, State, Zip City, State, Zip

_________________________________                                   _______________________________

Home Phone / Work Phone Home Phone / Work Phone

Step 2: Tell us your event details:

Event Date: Times: Purpose:

Estimated attendance:______                         Private Event: ______       Public Event: ______

Step 3: Check the park you plan to use:

Check (√) appropriate box below

Park Name

Specific area Private Party Cost Insurance Deposit Max. no. of persons
Pismo Residents

All Others

General Use Parks with NO restrooms

Margo Dodd

Gazebo area $50/hr $75/hr $83.32 0 50


Designated areas $15/2 hrs $25/2 hrs 0 50


Designated areas $15/2 hrs $25/2 hrs 0 50


Designated areas $15/2 hrs $25/2 hrs 0 50

General Use Parks with restrooms

Dinosaur Caves


Large overlook $100/hr $200/hr $83.32 0 50 seated, 75 standing
Large grassy area or


$50/2 hrs $75/2 hrs $83.32

$116.15 if over 100 people

$250 150


Designated area $25/2 hrs $50/2 hrs 0 75

Ira Lease

Designated areas $25/2 hrs $50/2 hrs 0 50




$25/2 hrs $50/2hrs 0 50

All other city parks: no reservations available (first come, first served)

Step 4: Check what you plan to use:


Amplified sound

Portable system (boombox) loudspeakers other
If loudspeakers, explain use:

Loudspeakers are prohibited except by special permission by Recreation Supervisor
Bounce house BD, FD (see limitations on last page)

Tents or canopies (from approved providers only: see last page)

Tent(s) up to 200 s.f. in area Canopy up to 400 s.f. in area
Tent over 200 s.f. in area FD Canopy over 400 s.f. in area FD

Food preparation or serving

Portable barbecue(s) Other food service FD,HD:
Cooking Keeping food warm
Please explain:

Step 5: Sign:\

Contract Agreement:

The undersigned, herein known as the applicant, understands and agrees that he or she or the organization that he/she represents shall assume all risks for loss, damage, liability, injury, cost or expenses that may occur during or as a result of the use of the park. The applicant further agrees that in consideration of permission to use the City park, he, she or the organization will save, defend and hold the City of Pismo Beach and/or their employees free and harmless from any loss, claims, liability or damages, and/or injuries to persons and property that in any way may be caused by the applicant’s use or occupancy. The applicant further certifies that he/she has read the attached Park Use Policies and agrees to abide by them. The applicant understands and agrees that any misstatements or omissions of actual fact herein may cause forfeiture of deposits. Deposits are refundable if no damage occurs, all policies followed, and the park was left in good order. The applicant agrees that he/she will not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, age or disability.

Applicant Signature ___________________________________                        _______________________


Application Approved By_______________________________                       _______________________



Please have an approved copy of your application with you on the day of your event.

Contact on call City staff through the Pismo Beach Police Dept. at 773-2208 if any problems arise.

For Office Use Only

Deposit                  $ Date____________           Check #____________

Fee                          $ Date____________           Check #____________

Insurance              $ Date____________           Check #____________

Total                      $____________

Special notes or directions regarding event or payment:

Refund Information

Description__________________________               Acct. #______________________                $___________

Description__________________________               Acct. #______________________                $___________

Description__________________________               Acct. #______________________                $___________

City Signature________________________________________         Date_________

Parks Use Policies[1]

Cancellations: A 20% service charge of invoice costs will be deducted to cover administrative costs.

Park use hours: All parties, weddings, and other organized gatherings or events must be held between the hours of 8 a.m. and dusk, but no later that 9:00 p.m.

Alcohol Use: By City ordinance, alcohol is prohibited in all City parks.

Amplified sound: Amplified music and other sound are permitted in parks in accordance with the city’s noise regulations, which state that the noise may not exceed 70 decibels. For example, soft music from compact disk players and radios played below the “typical home stereo listening level” may be appropriate, while the sound equipment used by most bands would likely exceed allowed noise levels. Amplified music will be limited to 6:00 p.m.

Animals: By City ordinance, animals must be controlled. Dogs must be on leash. Dog walkers must clean up their animals’ waste.

Bounce houses, tents, canopies:

Approval required: A bounce house, tent, canopy, or similar temporary structure can only be used in accordance with Fire and Building Codes, as approved by the Fire Department and Building Division.

No attachment to ground: The structure must be held down by use of sandbags or other means. Stakes are not permitted, as they can damage grass and irrigation systems.

Larger structures: Tents over 200 s.f. in area and canopies over 400 s.f. in area must meet Fire Code requirements.

Clean-up: Park areas used for any activities must be cleaned up by dusk the day of the event.

Electricity: Electricity is not available in most parks.

Fires and barbecues: Open fires are not permitted in any parks. Portable propane barbecues may be used in parks where there are no permanent barbecue areas. Use of such barbecues must be in accordance with the Fire Code and any other relevant regulations. Barbecues other than propane may not be used except with approval of a barbecue permit by the Fire Department.

Food preparation and serving: Food may be prepared and served only in accordance with County Health Department regulations.

Staples, nails and adhesives: Staples, nails or adhesives may not be used on any public property including but not limited to gazebos, tables, benches and signs.

Glass containers: Except by special permission by the Fire Department, glass containers are not permitted in any park.

Rice and bird seed: Rice and bird seed may not be thrown or scattered in parks. Flower petals or soap bubbles may be used, or other materials approved by the Recreation Division.

Smoking: Smoking is prohibited in play areas, per state law.

Vehicles: Vehicles are not permitted in parks, except in designated parking and driveway areas.

Adopted by the Parks, Recreation, and Beautification Commission Oct. 2, 2003