Wedding Book Distribution Terms & Conditions

The Bridal Association will:
1. Place your company information on our association web site under Wedding Book Locations ( Value of this listing is 35.00 a month
2. Tell people who call for a free copy of the wedding book to stop by your location for a copy (if your location is the nearest to them).

You will be required is to provide the following in return:
1. Keep the display in the location assigned it
2. Keep other advertising out of the display (ie. Business cards, fliers, etc)
3. Allow us to display posters in your window or other visible location promoting our upcoming bridal shows.
4. Allow us to drop of postcards for upcoming bridal shows and to keep them in a location visible to customers
5. Let us know when you run low on books so we can send you more.

This agreement is for 1 calendar year and will be renewed on January 1st each year. This is the entire agreement and no other compensation is promised (ie. cash payments, discounts on bridal show or wedding book advertising).
Thank You Kyle Brown